Spudmasters Campaign

Low Magic 3.5


This is the party and whatnot so far.



Dormin Davadar -Miner
Ovmin Jarvok -General labor
Bofni Davavok -Miner
Faraim Khazahad -politician
Chalmin Stunerg -General labor
Thorur Magadar -General labor
Dorain Korumak -General labor
Groim Kuldtek -General labor

Barona Farral: -Gathering
Fardina Erdak: -Gathering


1) Bofak Davadar- Guard
-Klona: wife
-Bulgrima: female teen
-Bilmina: female child

2) Thrin Davavok- Guard
-Herola: wife
-Groim : male teen

3) Grood Korumak- Miner
-Klona: wife
-Ragil: male teen

4) Mormin Lazadak- journeyman smith
-Ketala: wife
-Barin & Dorain: twin boys

5) Nalni Thakul- Journeyman armorer
-Thrala: wife
-Dalila: female child

6) Dond Aethkver- Cook
-Bulnia: wife

7) Runor Gamaldal- Apprentice smith
-Grotria: wife

8) Balak Darkul- Politician
-Klria: wife

Goblin Porters

Goblin Bodyguards

Player Party members
‘Ordia’ Riva IronGrip
Fifth to the Adbar throne, outcast by his older brother.

‘Mr. Sinbad’ Aesar
Hunted his parents murderers before meeting Riva Irongrip and pledging his
allegiance to the prince.

Warren Hale
Sorcerer born two years before the spellplauge, kept his underdeveloped sorcery through the weave collapse.

Jonah Hale
Warrens Prodigy younger brother, lost his natural magic being born the eve of the weave collapse.

Bartholomew La’Forge
Priest of Pelor, Blacksmith by trade, HOLY AVENGER BY DIVINE PROVIDENCE!
Melia Tusslefoot

Halfling Ranger who stumbled upon the party and cant get enough of their silly antics.

Songfire Deluht
Bard, Grew up around cityfolk, struck out in the adventuring world.

6 X Mule w/ sattelbags
2 X wagon +2 wheels
7 X Tent (15×15 sleeps six easy)
2 X pot
1 X rope, silk 25ft
3 X Musical instruments, common. Drum, Lute, Flute.
4 X Oil, 1 Pint Flasks,lantern.
2 X Soap 1lb
20 X Torches
40 X Blankets, Winter
15 X Chickens, Hooded
1 X Cow
7 X Barrels
1 X Masterwork Tools
10 X Animal Fee6 1Day
1 X Carriage
2 X Carts
4 X Horses
1 X Rope Hemp, 50Ft
10 X Salt 1lb
6 X Bottles of Cologne(20)
1 X Smart Map
50 X Urine Stakes
2 X Field Med Kits 5 Uses
10 X Water Testing Kits
2 X Leather Helmets
8 X Longsword
1 X Shortbow
1 X Longbow

Low Magic 3.5
SpudmasterE SpudmasterE

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